Broomfield Auto Body, Inc.

You, The Insurance and Us





          The vehicle belongs to you and you have the right to pick any repair shop you

          want to do the repairs.


          The owner of the vehicle must turn in the claim to the insurance company. The auto

          repair shop cannot do that for the auto's owner.


         When you turn in your claim, the insurance company should tell you how to proceed.

          They will either write the estimate themselves, have an independent adjusting company

          write the estimate or have you get an estimate from the repair shop of your choice.

          Remember that whoever writes it, it is only an original estimate and not the final

          amount that the repairs are going to cost,


             If the insurance company or an

          independent adjusting company

          writes the estimate the repair shop

          will need a copy of that estimate and

          begin repairs working from that



          Once you have turned in the claim and have gotten the estimate the insurance company

          wants to work off from; we can begin to handle the claim and repairs on your behalf.


          During the repair process, most jobs will have changes or additions, known as supplements

          to the original estimate. For example, a part that was to be repaired on the original           

  estimate may be found during the repairs

  to need to be replaced. That would be a 

  supplement, which we would get OK'ed

  through the insurance company for you.


  At the end of the repairs we will collect

  any additional amounts owed for the

  supplements from the insurance company

  after the repairs have been completed

  to your satisfaction. 


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