Broomfield Auto Body, Inc.

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          Our shop is large enough to handle any of your repair needs, but small enough to give you

          the personalized attention that you deserve. At Broomfield Auto Body you will never be

          "just another number". We always know every car we are working on and what is going

          on with any particular car.


          The shop is protected from break-in and theft by Protection One's 24-hour monitoring

          and has a fenced-in lot that is locked to protect your car when the vehicle is in our care.


          CCC Pathways computerized systems are used for auto repair estimates. The CCC auto

          body repair estimating system is accepted by most insurance companies.


          We use a Chart 4 post Frame Rack for frame and unibody repairs. The 4 post rack gives

           us the ability to make multiple directional pulls to restore your vehicle back to it's original

           factory dimensions.


               Along with the frame rack we

           utilize a Hein Werner Apex

           Computerized measuring system.

           With this system we are able to

           tell to within 1 millimeter the

           exact measurements that the 

           manufacturer used to build your

           vehicle and where it is after the

           accident. This means your car's

           structural dimensions are

           restored to their original values,

           like new, every time.


   We have a Garmat down-draft paint booth

   for the painting process. The booth allows

   us to totally control the enviroment in which

   we paint, including temperature, air flow

   and dust particles. We recently invested

   $10,000 to update the booth. We also mix

   our own paint on site, allowing us control

   over the color. This means that your car or

   truck is painted correctly the first time,

   every time.



         We have all the necessary mig welders, spot  welders and a plasma cutter to do the 

         structural repairs required. You will not have to be concerned about the structural

         integrity or appearance of your vehicle once we repair it.


Common Sense Solutions using Advanced Technology






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